Letter from the Pastor

My Dear Parishioners of Holy Ghost Parish,

Our Parish will complete one hundred fifty years of existence next year, and God willing what a joy it will be to be together on various occasions to celebrate a sesquicentennial of new life in Jesus Christ.  A parish is a community of people called together by God through the Holy Spirit.  If looking back at any year in our parish history should make us marvel at His faithfulness to us, then how much deeper should be our gratitude and appreciation as we add up a sesquicentennial of blessings, love, conversions, healings, forgiveness and spiritual consolation and the millions of other gifts Jesus lavishes on us?  Truly we can’t give thanks to God as we praise His Glorious Name.

The circumstances of the early founding of this parish are similar to all the other ethnic speaking parishes.  Founded by the noble victims of oppression, this parish proved to be a haven for those who bore the torch of liberty guided by the light of faith.  Its sanctuary provided innumerable blessings upon thousands of souls for these long and many years and from our former school have gone forth thousands of children imbued with the principles of a Catholic Education.

Pentecost 2020 we will kick off our sesquicentennial celebration.  We already have a commitment by our Bishop Alfred A. Schlert to come and kick off a year of festivities.  In order for all of this to happen I need a committee made up of some of our finest parishioners and it won’t be without your help that these events will materialize.  We plan on making a great souvenir book that we hope you will cherish for many years to come with much nostalgia in it.  Again, I need your help.  There will be a planning meeting to form committees to make the events of the year from Pentecost 2020 to Pentecost 2021 to help make our plans materialize. Meetings are held biweekly and if you would like to be involved in any way, please email hghostchurch@gmail.com and we will contact you as soon as we can. We would like to give every parishioner an opportunity to participate in the planning process-not just a select few.  Here is every parishioners chance to step up and make the sesquicentennial year a most joyous occasion in the life and history of our Parish.

Your Friend and Pastor,

—Rev. David J. Kozak, Pastor